100 Days and Counting…

WARNING: First Blog Ever…

Suit up! Or at least get busy on building your suit so you can …Suit up!  Geez, mine sure seems to need a lot of work…. Holy lightnin! The countdown is upon us! It is unbelievably exciting that in just 100 days, we will be opening the doors to Northern FanCon for the second year.  It is also completely crazy how much has happened in the seemingly short time since last May since we opened our doors for the first time. We learned so much from our first year and we are working hard on using all that we learned to make this year bigger and better. One of the things we are going to be paying more attention to this year as a result is keeping you informed. My hope is that this blog will function in that capacity.

The bigger part is already well underway. Last year, we had a dozen guests, over 60 vendors and ran the event in 2 arenas. This year, we already have 16 guests (with some announcements still to come),  are well over 100 vendors, and will be running the event in all 4 arenas of the complex.

CN Centre will be a similar layout to last May with artist alley, vendors, and our celebrity guests signing tables

Kin 1 Arena will be similar also with stage area for panels and q & a`s

Kin 2 Arena (newwill feature exhibits (more to come on this), vendors, and photo op area

Kin 3 Arena (new) Due to the massive popularity of the Game Quest live arcade area last year, we have dedicated a space in Kin 3 for them to host way more freestanding live arcade games on free playfor all to enjoy. On top of this, large screens will be set up to facilitate live tournament play. Kin 3 will also have a special cosplayer guest area and we have a couple other announcements coming in regards to some other extras we have to make this new area percolating with extras for all attendees.

To put it simply, we have doubled in size. Lots of extra work has been put in to make sure that Northern FanCon is so epic that it can hardly be contained by three days in May. If you were at Northern FanCon last year, you know there was an undeniable feeling like we all started something truly great together. Sure – we organized it, but it would not have been as awesome as it was without everyone who came out and supported it. All the positive energy and support from everyone who believed in the event and has encouraged us all year to keep working on making it better is what drives us.  Believe me, when we open the doors on May 13 to a bigger and better Northern FanCon, we are aiming to impress you all twice as much with the scale and dazzle of year two.

I will do my best to keep you updated here with more blog posts. If you have thoughts, insights or questions, I am always available by email at ncoyne@pgcitizen.ca.

Looking forward to year 2!

– Norm