All in…

I learned how to play poker when I was 9 years old. My parents would have parties at our house and there was always a group of their friends playing five card draw or blackjack for quarters and one dollar bills. It was absolutely thrilling for me as I sometimes came out as a winner and would cash out with $20 or more. I vividly remember buying heaping amounts of candy and comic books – those big wins were tasty!. I learned at an early age both the risk and reward of going all in.

For those of you who don’t know, or didn’t learn how to deal cards in elementary school, going all in during a poker game means that you are betting everything you have in a single hand against the pot. It is literally a win or lose moment. It can be the deciding factor of an epic victory or a crushing defeat. I was taught to only go all in if you know you have a winning hand.

So, why am I telling you this? Because I am all in on Northern FanCon. I have put all my chips, all my efforts, all my waking breaths into this event because I know I have a winning hand. WE have a winning hand.  What’s in the pot? One of the most magnificent events Northern BC has ever seen complete with breathtaking art, cosplay, celebrity guests, wicked vendors, games and more. This event is something that everyone in the community, the region, the province and further can enjoy. It has been 100% worth all of the effort and long hours we have put into it.

So, here is my final play to make sure we have the best possible hand we can. If you don’t already have your ticket, get on it. Spread the word. Make sure everyone you know hears about Northern FanCon. It is already massive but the bigger we make it this year, the bigger the pot gets next year and the more we all win when we bring bigger guests, more artists and vendors for even better years to come . I promise when we open the doors this year, it will absolutely blow your mind. So this year, this week, in a few days, be there with me and let’s make this the Big Win that we are all in!

– Norm