Blog 2! It’s Alive! Alive!!!!

Northern FanCon has been growing so large so fast that it seems many days we are trying to keep up with it’s momentum. The speed at which this is all happening is extremely exhilarating and has born many unexpected surprises.

Last year, we established FanCon as a legitimate convention. Many vendors took a risk on being at our show and were overwhelmed by the success they saw as a result. Our guests all had a great time and since then, many guests agents, artists and authors have reached out to be a part of this year’s success. It is sometimes surreal when I check my email and it is a correspondence from an agent representing a star I saw the night before on a hit tv series or an artist who has worked on my favorite comic book. Honestly, I still reel a little from the fact that we managed to bring William Shatner to Prince George – not Vancouver, not Edmonton, not Calgary – Prince George, population 71,000!
Beyond the surprises of the show, it has been truly grand to see the welcoming response from the city our ongoing efforts. How cool is it that the Prince George Cougars brought a band of cosplayers to centre ice during a game? Last year, we were even in conversations with the city on putting a costume together for Mr. PG to wear during our convention (hopefully, this materializes this year!).
We have seen so many unknown doors open to us from people, businesses and organizations who appreciate what we are building. I was thrilled to be contacted by a gentleman from Telus Optik a little while ago who had some questions about Northern FanCon. We spent a long time on the phone discussing how Northern FanCon came about, the work we put into it, the challenges and successes of our first year and more. The outcome of the conversation was an offer from Telus Optik for their film production  to shoot a short documentary on Northern FanCon this May. I was beyond excited. I am a big fan of the shorts that the Telus Optik team has been producing and it was extremely flattering that they were so impressed with our convention that they felt it warranted them to dedicate their own resources into telling a FanCon story.
When things like this happen, it is hard not to think that Northern FanCon has a life of it’s own. We have a planned direction for it, but some of the most exciting things that have happened have been things that we never could have anticipated. Northern FanCon is all of our event – everyone who came through the doors last year and is returning this year. Seeing the event  – our event – alive in the way it is is awe inspiring. In the same way, a parent watches a child, many days, I watch FanCon astound me and I cannot wait to share what it is becoming with all of you this year. Just like a Christmas concert or school recital, I cannot wait to be in the arena to gush when we see our beauty take the stage.
– Norm