10:00am (Doors open)
  • Cosplayers check-in at the upper concourse (where the prejudging will occur)
  • Cosplayers are given a letter (for category; Novice, etc) and number (order of stage appearance. eg. N1 is the first novice, J3 is the third Journeyman, M6 is the sixth master
  • There are a maximum of 20 slots for each category. First come, first served. Those that signed up online have their spots guaranteed.
  • At check in, cosplayers will be given the time of their prejudging.
  • Sign ups for Novice closes at 10:30 am on Sat
  • Sign ups for Journeyman closes at 11:10 am on Sat
  • Sign ups for Masters closes at 11:50 am on Sat
  • 10:30am – 2:30pm (Prejudging)
  • Each entrant will have a maximum of 2 minutes with the judges panel
5:00pm (Preshow)
  • Contestants are to report backstage and will order themselves up according to their number
  • Contestants that are not backstage by 5:20pm will be removed from the contest
  • This is to ensure that our sound technician and host can ensure the correct contestant order, and that there are no “no-shows”
5:30pm (Contest)
  • Host introduces self
  • Host introduces judges
  • Start with the Novice category
  • Move on to the Journeyman category
  • Move on to the Masters category
  • Host invites the judges do last minute discussions that the youth category will be called up
  • Run the youth category while the judges deliberate
  • Once the youth are done, the judging will be complete
  • Announce Novice 3rd place, then runner up, then winner
  • Announce Journeyman 3rd place, then runner up, then winner
  • Announce Masters 3rd place, then runner up, then winner
Our 2017 judges for the Cosplay Contest are:

1. LeeAnna Vamp

2. Allisa Swanson (Leo Award winner, Costume Designer for The 100)

3. Bill Doran (Punished Props)

4. Aaron Harrison (Prop builder/costume design – Arrow)

5. Alphanerd Cosplay (Northern FanCon 2016 Master Class Winner)

Cosplay Check In will be in the left upper concourse of the CN Centre. 

If you are using music, please bring your music to Cosplay Check on a USB stick. 

*If you have any questions, please email