Parent/ Guardian Consent Form

Northern FanCon is happy to welcome your child as a volunteer for our events. To complete please read the following form and fill out the appropriate blanks.

hereby give consent and warrant I have the legal authority as the minor’s parent or legal guardian to grant such consent, for

to volunteer for the 2018 Northern FanCon.

• I understand participation is entirely voluntary and require all participants to abide by the policies and guidelines of the Norther FanCon event. It will be my responsibility to retrieve my child in the event they are removed from the event for continued or serious failure to follow event guidelines.

• I further accept that my child will not be eligible to receive worker’s compensation should they be injured onsite at the event.

• In case of emergency involving my child, I understand every effort will be made to contact me. If I cannot be reached, I hereby give permission to the Northern FanCon Staff and event organizers to secure proper treatment, including contacting emergency medical personnel.

• I acknowledge photographs and recordings will be taken at the event, which may include my child’s likeness. I agree these may be used in promotional or chronicling purposes. In addition, I grant permission for these images to be placed on the Northern FanCon website.

Parent / Guardian Signature: ________________________________________

Parent/ Guardian E-mail

Parent / Guardian Phone