We are thrilled to welcome Stella Chuu to our guest list!


Stella is internationally renowned for her brilliantly detailed costumes and passion for geek culture. She loves to share the joy of DIY in costume construction through tutorials, sharing patterns, and mentoring others. Most notable are her Pharah, Imp Mercy, and Riven cosplays. Her creative and quirky personality has led her to be featured on Cosplay Culture Magazine Cover, KotakuNerdistMashable, Tech Insider and more

Recently, she has discovered the joys of live streaming and commits many hours a day to creating her costumes in front a live audience. She’s started a project dubbed #1CosplayAWeek in which she showcases her skills and speed to her viewers 5 days a week with the goal of completing a full cosplay. So far she has completed Yuna, Edward Elric, Zero Two, Uraraka Battle Outfit, Uraraka RPG Outfit, Wu Ze Tian, Pop Team Epic, Phosphophyllite, Alice Nakiri, and Motoko Kusanagi

We can’t wait to meet Stella Chuu at #fancon5! For tickets, head to https://bit.ly/2G3b0uG

Photo credit: Bigwhitebazooka Photography