Thrilled to welcome Mark Meer back for Northern FanCon 2018!

Hailed across many systems as the greatest cosplay contest host in the cosmos, Mark is best known for his work on the Mass Effect franchise, voicing the male version of the player character Commander Shepard, the entire Vorcha species, Blasto the Hannar Spectre, the Biotic God Niftu Cal, and many more.

Mark is a writer and performer on CBC Radio’s national sketch comedy program CBC’s The Irrelevant ShowAPTN’s Caution: May Contain Nuts, and Super ChannelTiny Plastic Men . He is a core member of both the Canadian Comedy Award-winning improvised soap opera Die-Nasty, The Live Improvised Soap Opera and the world-renowned improv company Rapid Fire Theatre. This will be Mark’s third appearance at Northern FanConcompleting the FanCon trifecta qualifying him for deity status so please worship him accordingly and shower him with praise upon his return!