July 29th

ConFans! Beloved supporters! Friends As some of you may have already seen, our primary venue – the CN Centre – is in a position of waiting for a greenlight from the Provincial Health Authority to proceed with hosting large-scale public events (Phase 4). Unfortunately, Northern FanCon is unable to wait with uncertainty and we are now officially postponing until May 7-9/2021.In fall of 2019, UNLTD Media ran a Kickstarter to see if the community would support the 6th year of FanCon, and with a combination of suspense and excitement, everyone screamed out loud and proud that you wanted many more years of this momentous event in Northern British Columbia.In May of 2020, when normally we would all gather in person, COVID had reared its ugly head and we faced isolation but the community still came together virtually at #FanConFromHome. We sincerely thank all of you who gave your time as a guest or fan (or both) to watch the live streams, ask questions in chat, and share the videos in the weeks following. We planned to move the event to September 2020, but the world was still not ready to open the doors as we have in years past. So we rallied the troops and made plans for a November date, but once again… the world is not ready. The most important thing about Northern FanCon, and we would hope for any event or convention… is the safety and happiness of the community we have built together. Through all of these challenges, we have been encouraged by those of you who have reached out, given suggestions, feedback and offers to roll over Kickstarter pledges or ticket purchases to #SaveFanCon. We have received a lot of questions on if it makes a difference to roll the ticket (or booth) over or take the refund. The simple answer is that yes, it makes a significant difference. If you are in a position to roll over to 2021, we appreciate it immensely and have extra perks we are working on to show our gratitude for your generous support. SEE FULL POST AT www.fancon.ca

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