1. What is Northern FanCon?

Northern FanCon is a Fan Convention/entertainment expo that the UNLTD Media & Events, the Prince George Citizen & the Northland Auto Group are hosting in Prince George on May 11-13/2018 at CN Centre and Kin 1 arena.


2. What is Artist’s Alley?

Artist’s Alley is a section of Northern FanCon which will feature a variety of international, national, regional and local artists. Featured works include sketches, paintings, photographs, sculptures infused with science fiction, fantasy, comics and pop culture.

3. What is cosplay?

Cosplay refers to costume play. Many attendees of fan conventions enjoy dressing in costumes inspired by their favorite, film, television, or comic book characters. Northern FanCon also has three Cosplay Contest categories. These include Novice, Journeyman, Masters and Youth.


4. Are there rides or games at Northern FanCon?

The BCNE will be hosting a full midway with rides and games during all three days of Northern FanCon. There are also a handful of exhibitors with games and game related items inside CN Centre. On top of that, Game Quest is hosting an area of CN Centre which will feature board game tournaments and a full arcade with complimentary game play.


5. What will the celebrity guests be doing at Northern FanCon?

All celebrity guests will be doing autographs and photographs with fans from their stations in CN Centre. Each of them will also be participating in interviews with fan Q & A sessions in CN Centre.


6. Is there an additional charge for autographs and photos from celebrity guests?

Yes. As is standard with fan conventions,  each celebrity guest has a fee for autographs and photos. These vary with each guest.


7. Are there workshops and panels at Northern FanCon?

Yes.  There are workshops on acting, costume design, writing and more. Panels include a discussion from UNBC professors on film and a hosted Q & A with a local cosplayers.


8. What exhibitors will be at Northern FanCon?

There will be a unique selection of exhibitor booths/vendors with an array of businesses including comic book retailers, toy stores, boardgames, stores, video games, clothing retailers and more.


9. Are there events after Northern FanCon regular hours?

Yes. Northern FanCon After Dark events are hosted in nightclubs, pubs and theatres throughout the city during Northern FanCon.


10. Where can I get more information about Northern FanCon?


Website is FanCon.ca
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Tickets for Northern FanCon are on sale at Tickets North