FanCon 2020 Update #4

Hello friends! 

We have come an extremely far way with our crowdfund and we are headed into the last big push to make sure we reach our goal.  We have 7 days left and we are currently closing in on $39,000. Our goal is $100,000 which means we have to make up $61,000 in this last week. As I have said before and I stand behind it, I believe we are going to hit our target. I have the utmost confidence in our community to pull together to commit to these discounted ticket purchases and booth sales. 

So here is the plan: 

  • We will be hosting some on location events at some of our biggest supporting businesses.  This will give those of you who have reached out with the request of giving cash, the chance to donate in person. We will have a tracking sheet which we will add your name, phone number email to so we can issue pledge rewards if we hit our goal. If we don’t, this is how we will return the money you have pledged. Stay tuned for the location announcements
  • We have a handy dandy Facebook cover photo (above) and posters of support for FanCon. Some of you have already reached out for these. If you would like either (or both) to put your support on display, please let us know and we will get them to you. For the Facebook cover photo, we use the accompanying verbage  “#SAVEFANCON
     Pre-order your tickets or booths to help us reach our goal so the convention will move forward in 2020.
     To pledge, head to

     Your credit card will not be charged unless we reach our goal on September 29.

     As always, Support is greatly appreciated and Shares are highly encouraged”. Feel free to tweak, adapt, change, or improve this as you see fit or use your own messaging. 
  • We do have a couple of sponsors who will be pledging this week to help get us closer to our goal

As we have said in the beginning, we are committed to doing whatever it takes to make sure FanCon continues. Please feel free to contact me at your convenience if you have any questions,  comments, suggestions, or anything. 

As always, Thank You for your Support!!!