FanConPod LIVE from Game Quest

Wednesday September 25th from 4pm – 6pm PST join Norm Coyne & Paul Glendinning as they podcast LIVE from GAME QUEST in Prince George

The tour continues, and our friends at GAME QUEST are the next stop. Not only are the a strong sponsor of FanCon2020, but have opened the doors for us and the community to stream LIVE on location.

Want to buy your FanCon tickets, but don’t want to use an online site, bring your cash, show your support & get a discount on t-shirts, single day, 3 day passes, VIP passes, booths and more.*

Also during our podcast, GAME QUEST will be offering exclusive promotions 4pm-6pm, TUNE IN for details, or

Meet us at GAME QUEST
4158 Cowart Road
Prince George, BC

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