Fundraiser 20K+ Update

Hello fans, followers and fanatics!

Who here knows what the “Case of the Mondays” is all about? You need to get back to work, make sure everything from the week before is completed. Then there is what needs to be done to not miss this week, month or quarters deadlines, exhausting.

Well with Northern FanCon we do not have a quarter, we have a month! Oh and this month needs to be legendary.

Today, is not a case of the mundays, today is a FANTASTIC MONDAY! Thanks to over 70 supporters in the first 10 days, we have exceeded 20,000 with 20 days to go! How exciting is that?!?!

We understand that fundraising projects seem to wait till the tail end before people jump on, but we have a feeling the momentum is just starting to pick up and we should be able to hit this target well ahead of the deadline.

Why is that important? Well, once we hit the 100,000, we can talk stretch goals? We can add announcements! We can do so many things, WHEN we hit the target.

If you cannot support the show financially, we just ask that you share this campaign with your friends, family, co-workers who may be interested in attending, and getting a discount on their passes, programs or supporting with a booth or donation.

We have a lot more coming soon, but for now we just want to say…

Thank You!

#FanCon2020 #SaveFanCon #FanConKickstarter