The Final Count Down…

As you wake today (Saturday Sept 28, 2019) you will notice there is less than 30 hours in the Northern FanCon Kickstarter campaign. This is the perfect moment to take a pulse check, answer and re-answer a few questions, and arm you with all you need to know, as we go forward.

As of 7am PST, 201 backers have pledged $58,442 of the $100,000 goal

Donation x2
T-Shirt x14
Friday Pass x2
Saturday Pass x24
Sunday Pass x3
Three Day Pass x57
VIP 3 Day Pass 39/50 (11 left)
Ultra VIP 3 Day Pass 8/10 (2 left)
Vendor Booth Single 9/40 (31 left)
Vendor Booth Single Corner 11/40 (29 left)
Vendor Double Booth 8/20 (12 left)
Vendor Double Booth Corner 5/5 (0 left)
Vendor Triple Booth 3/10 (7 left)
Vendor Triple Booth Corner 2/4 (2 left)
Event Sponsor 1/3 (2 left)
Artist Alley Sponsor 0/3 (3 left)
Creative Corner Filmmaker Sponsor 0/3 (3 left)

Can you just extend the campaign?
Kickstarter reference of All-or-nothing L I N K

Can you move to another model or crowd funding service?
There are additional crowdfunding services. We heard a lot of feedback that the local supporters do not want to sign up for any site. So asking everyone to sign up for another will not improve the numbers.

What is the backup plan?
There is no backup plan to this. Northern FanCon has 5 years of history, and although the creator has not changed, the structure of financial support has. This is due to a 5 year plan coming to an end, and a new chapter starting.

Northern FanCon averages 12,000+ ticket purchasers. If 1,385 single day tickets are purchased, today we will hit our target.

Currently the number of single day ticket holders is 29.

However if we do hit our target in the next 30 hours, all of these rates, at the end of the campaign, go up. Meaning the 11,971 remaining average buyers will be paying a higher rate at the door, than they can today.

I want to add to my pledge.
We love that you bought what you want, and you want to do more. The most helpful thing that you can do is share this information. We have done advertising locally, through social media, phone calls, live streaming, regional marketing, extended regional marketing, newspaper, digital print and television. Yet every day we find people that had not heard of the campaign, the change, or that this is ending on Sunday. So the most valuable thing you can do, if you know people who have attended previous Northern FanCon events, or mentioned they wanted to… share this with them.

The campaign is wrapping up, and pledges are coming in as this is being typed up, but we need all of you to show your support. We don’t want donations, we want to make moments. If you want Northern FanCon 2020 in Prince George, click or share the kickstarter L I N K.

Thank you everyone,

From the entire Northern FanCon Family